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        Helping Professional Athletes, Performers and Entertainers


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        Twenty years of clinical experience and study have lead David to create programs that have changed lives at all levels. An avid athletes and business person himself, David studied

        - DAVID BARON

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        David Baron


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        What David's Clients Say

        He's a Gift.  A Real Healer.  David uses a holistic approach, addressing entire constellations of his clients' issues.  David knows how to relate cause and effect in ways I would never have considered.

        S Braudy

        Long Time David Baron Client, New York City

        A Healer.  Warm, Compassionate. Understands that the physical and the emotional are related. David has a magical, mystical intuition.


        Longtime Client and NYC CEO / Entrepreneur

        David is the only reason I'm still working professionally as a dancer. at my age and with a child. For me, David is a miracle worker.  

        He Listens. He recognizes Wisdom. He is thoughtful


        Professional Dancer, Multi-year David Baron client

        David is how I stay on the basketball court, age 58! He's the savior of my athletic career. It's not just his healing skills, it's how he communicates with you.


        Former Olympic Athlete and Longtime David Baron Client

        A gentle healing soul.  Truly thoughtful and not one to just throw needles at you. David is a real healer who encourages you to get better.  That is why I refer my own patients to him.

        Dr I Z B, 

        Functional Medical Specialist

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